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Spinal Cord Injury Services (SCIS)

ACA has developed and implemented a model of specialised in – home care for spinal Cord Injury (SCI) patients. As such ACA is the pre-eminet Agency for the sormulation of 24 hour SCI nursing regimes for patients living in their homes. ACA works in close consultation with the Patient’s Case Manager and the hospital team long before the transition to living home. Our reputation is build upon the provision of the holistic team approach which delivers continuity of care by a team of Registered Nurses and Support Workers.

ACA services facilitate high quality care and are staffed by trained and experienced Nurses and support workers. Disability management best practices are utilized throughout our Services. We strive to improve the quality of life and connect you with the community.

We offer Specialised support services and group housing options. Our services are offered to anyone with complex care needs

Our established relationships with community agencies, service providers and case managers provide you with the resources you’ll need towards becoming more independent.